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Source: The 100
Music: Imagine Dragons
Summary: Here we are.


Warning: graphic violence

Debuted: VividCon 2015 (Premieres)
Made in June 2015

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"Spring Breakers"
Source: Spring Breakers
Music: "Kids" by Sleigh Bells
Summary: It's Spring Break, bitch.


Warning: nudity (NSFW)

Debuted: VividCon 2015 (Club Vivid)
Made in April 2015

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"Just Another Girl"
Source: Glee
Music: The Killers
Summary: Rachel Berry will never be just another girl. Not to Quinn Fabray.

Made in November 2014

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"I Wanna Dance"
Source: Glee
Music: Glee (original by Whitney Houston)
Summary: Faberry is on, and Brittana knows

Made in July 2012

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"Mr. Brightside"
Source: The Talented Mr. Ripley
Music: The String Quartet Tribute
Summary: How did it end up like this?


Debuted: VividCon 2012 (Auction)
Made in June 2012

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Source: 24
Music: Lady Gaga
Summary: Jack Bauer just wants CTU to STOP CALLING HIM OKAY.


Debuted: VividCon 2012 (Club Vivid)
Made in April 2012

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"You and I"
Source: Tomboy
Music: Antoine Dufour
Summary: Just a boy.

Made in January 2012

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Source: Survivor
Music: Kanye West
Focus: Boston Rob
Summary: "One man should not have this much power in this game."

 Made in December 2011

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"The Coming Out of Quinn Fabray"
a scene reconstruction project
Source: Glee
Focus: Rachel/Quinn
Music: selected tracks from Bed of Roses by Michael Convertino

Started August 2011, Finished November 2011

[Download video] (263 MB, 18 mins, xvid) ~ [Stream video] (pw: faberry) ~ [Notes/Feedback]


"Casey's Song"
Source: We Don't Live Here Anymore
Music: City and Colour
Summary: "Even adultery has morality to it."

Made in October 2011

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"Sister, I Need Wine"
made with Laura Shapiro
Source: Six Feet Under
Music: Guided by Voices
Focus: Billy and Brenda
Summary: It is the night that brings me to you.

Warning: assault, non-consensual incest, mental breakdown.

Debuted: VividCon 2011 (Premieres)
Made in June 2011

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"House by the Sea"
Source: Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Music: Iron & Wine
Summary: "What would you do to hold your wife again?"

Debuted: VividCon 2011 (Premieres)
Made in June 2011

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"Motown Philly"
Source: Psych
Music: Boyz II Men
Summary: Not too hard, not too soft

Debuted: VividCon 2011 (Club Vivid)
Made in April 2011

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"Wretches and Kings"
Source: Battlestar Galactica
Music: Linkin Park
Summary: You've got to make it stop.

Made in January 2011

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"Critical Hit"
Source: Big Bang Theory
Music: No More Kings
Summary: Bazinga.

Made in November 2010

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"Songs for a Girl"
Source: Friday Night Lights
Music: Iron & Wine
Focus: Landry/Tyra
Summary: Please remember me.

Made in September 2010

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"Who's Watching Me?"
Source: Supernatural
Music: Mysto & Pizzi
Genre: humor/crack
Summary: Dean meets a demon he can't escape.

Made in July 2010

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Source: Battlestar Galactica
Music: Puscifer
Spoilers: through series finale, including character death
Summary: Take it like a man.

Warning: violence against women, show-creator ego, and series finale stupidity.

Debuted: VividCon 2010 (Challenge: Self-Portrait)
Made in June 2010

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"Narrow Escape"
Source: disaster movies
Music: Celldweller
Summary: Can you outrun the end of the world?

Warning: Hollywood sequence of disasters that may be triggery for Katrina, 9/11, the Haitian earthquake, etc. Vid does not contain any real footage.

Debuted: VividCon 2010 (Premieres)
Made in June 2010

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Source: 21
Music: Black Lab
Summary: Do you feel lucky today?

Debuted: VividCon 2010 (Club Vivid)
Started December 2009, Finished April 2010

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"Like My Very Own Blood"
Source: Battlestar Galactica
Music: Tiger Lou
Focus: Adama and Starbuck
Summary: There's nothing more frakked up than family.

Warning: child abuse

Made in Nov 2009

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"Learn to Crawl"
Source: Battlestar Galactica
Music: Black Lab
Focus: Starbuck/Kat
Summary: Can you teach me how to fly?

Debuted: VividCon 2009 (Premieres)
Started April 2009, Finished May 2009

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"Give it Up"
Source: 80s Movies
Music: Jimmy Eat World
Summary: I act as one, but I'm not alone.

Debuted: VividCon 2009 (Club Vivid)
Started February 2009, Finished March 2009

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Source: D.E.B.S.
Music: The Veronicas
Notes: This is a birthday gift for a good friend.
Summary: We ain't gonna live forever...

Made in June 2008

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"Half Acre"
made with Laura Shapiro
Source: Six Feet Under
Music: Hem
Spoilers: season five, including the series finale
Summary: What is it that you remember?

Started November 2008, Finished December 2008
Icon credit to likegunfire

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"(Out of) Classical Gas"
Source: Firefly
Music: Mason Williams
Focus: ensemble action vid
Summary: Welcome aboard Serenity. You might want to hold on to something.
Started January 2008, Finished August 2008
Icon credit to meril

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"Love Turns 40"
Source: Closer (2004)
Music: Vienna Teng
Summary: She's holding a secret that she'll never tell.

Debuted: VividCon 2008 (Premieres)
Started August 2007, Finished June 2008

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Source: Hairspray (2007)
Music: Black Lab
Summary: It's not enough to feel without feeling good.

Debuted: VividCon 2008 (Club Vivid)
Made in January 2007
Icon credit to thegranddewru

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"About Schroeder"
Source: Farscape
Music: No More Kings
Focus: John/Chiana (Chiana POV)
Summary: Chiana tries to understand John, but he isn't reaching back.
Notes: Song and concept provided by chickwithmonkey

Made in October 2007
Icon credit to nicole

[Download video] (39 MB, xvid) ~ [Stream video] (pw: farscape) ~ [Lyrics/Notes/Feedback]


Source: Harry Potter
Music: Hall & Oates
Focus: Snape/Harry, Snape/Draco
Summary: Harry and Mouthoil can't sort out their feelings for Snake...

Started April 2007, Finished July 2007
Icon credit to cspan

[Download video] (35 MB, xvid) ~ [Stream video] (pw: snake) ~ [Notes/Feedback]


"Falling From the Sky"
Source: Battlestar Galactica
Music: Vast
Focus: Starbuck
Summary: A closer look at the many pilots Starbuck has failed, including herself.

Debuted: VividCon 2007 (Premieres)
Started March 2007, Finished June 2007
Icon credit to sylia

[Download video] (48 MB, xvid) ~ [Stream video] (pw: starbuck) ~ [Notes/Feedback]


"Paul McCartney"
Source: Will & Grace
Music: Scissor Sisters
Summary: It's the music that connects me to you. Also, OMG BOUNCY GAYS!


Debuted: VividCon 2007 (Club Vivid)
Started March 2007, Finished April 2007
, remastered in 2008

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"Can't Change Me"
Source: Battlestar Galactica
Music: Chris Cornell
Focus: Starbuck/Roslin
Summary: Laura Roslin may be the most powerful woman in the fleet, but there are some things even she can't change.

Made in November 2006, remastered in 2009
Icon credit to side_of_zen

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"Wicked Game"
Source: Battlestar Galactica
Music: Chris Isaak
Focus: Starbuck/Roslin
Summary: For the shippers who like having their hearts ripped out and stomped on. As if there is any other kind.

Made in October 2006, remastered in 2009
Icon credit to mariannesquee

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"Save Yourself"
Source: Battlestar Galactica
Music: Stabbing Westward
Focus: Kara and Sharon
Summary: It's no wonder the two most frakked up women in the fleet can't save each other--they're too busy trying to save themselves.

Made in October 2006, remastered in 2007

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Source: Battlestar Galactica
Music: Ciara
Focus: Kara/Sharon
Summary: If I took this vid half as seriously as I take this OTP, I'd be in a lot of trouble.

Made in October 2006, remastered in 2009

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